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Welcome to the Partners Club

           We participate in activities that help increase disability awareness within our school and community.


Listed below are a few activities planned for this year:

·       Learn basic sign language

·       Interact with students with special needs during homeroom

·       Learn about Braille and visual impairments

·       Participate in Exceptional Children’s Week

·       Participate in “empathy” activities to gain a better understanding of how disabilities affect others

·       Guest speakers

·       Learn to identify strengths and weaknesses in ourselves and others


We will meet on the third Tuesday of each month from 3:45 to 4:45 except for December and during month of March. March has Exceptional Children’s’ Week where Partner’s Club members interact and participate all week; therefore we will not have a monthly meeting. We will dismiss students from the front of the building by the office. We’ll be waiting there at 4:45 as you drive up. PLEASE be prompt in picking up your child. Thank you for sharing your child with us.


If you have any questions or concerns please contact laura.lamberth@hcbe.net. My cell phone number is 478-957-6444 (Laura Lamberth) if you need to reach me.


Our meeting dates are usually the third Tuesday; however, some adjustments have been made to accommodate schedule conflicts. There will NOT be a meeting in December or March.


September 17, 2013       October 15, 2013    November 19, 2013    January 21, 2014      February 25, 2013 (last week due to Winter Break)   No March meeting April 22, 2014