School Council


 Chairperson                                            Kevin Lashley
 Secretary                                                Lori DeLeon
 Vice Chairman                                        Hayden Wiggins
 Parent/Business Partner                         Nikki Cahhoun
 Parent/Business Partner                         Hayden Wiggins
 Parent                                                    Kevin Lashley
 Parent                                                   Jimmy Darnell
 Teacher                                                  Lori DeLeon
 Teacher                                                 Jordan Northenor
 Principal                                                Cheryl Thomas, on-going

Under the Open Meetings Act [O.C.G.A. 50-14-1 - 50-14-6], the following Quail Run Elementary School Council meetings will be held on the following dates. Unless otherwise noted, the meetings will be held in the Data Room at Quail Run Elementary School at 7:30 am.

School Council Bylaws and Guidelines, Meetings, and Agendas